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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

What is the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

A program developed to offer supportive services to students who experience barriers to their academic and social success while at school.

What does the SAP team do?

The team can receive referrals from teachers, parents, community members, or students. The team meets to discuss available options within the school to assist the student with overcoming barriers in the way of their learning. The SAP team is also responsible for assessing and intervening with students whose behavior may indicate a threat to the student’s safety, other students, school employees, or anyone else. In situations where barriers to education exist that are beyond the scope of the school, the team will make efforts to assist parents and guardians by providing information for the family to access community resources.

Why refer to SAP?

Referrals can be for anything that may be a barrier to our students, such as:

  • Counseling
  • Anxiety
  • Behavior Concerns - at home or in school 
  • Small groups (Social groups, Friendship groups, Anger management, Grief)
  • Psychiatric evaluations 
  • Focus struggles 

How do you refer to the SAP Team?

Contact a teacher to school counselor to report your concerns. 

*Please remember, we are here to help. If you are unsure if you should refer to SAP, make the referral, and the team will respond. 


  • Christopher Albi
  • Alex Hirsch
  • John Martuscelli 
  • Kathleen O'Reilly 
  • Laura Samson
  • Meghann Moyer
  • Traci Knopf 


  • Jen Burd
  • Michael Chromey
  • James Murphy
  • Laura Samson
  • Ashley Luthcke
  • Lisa Micek
  • Nicole Richards


  • Katie Pietrouchie
  • Amelia Colon
  • James Murphy
  • Laura Samson
  • Mary Jo Maff 
  • Amber Walsh


  • Ian Beitler
  • Morgan Coates
  • James Murphy
  • Laura Samson
  • Mary Jo Maff 


  • Kevin Steidle
  • Alex Hirsch
  • Amelia Colon
  • Heather Maginn
  • Laura Samson
  • Mary Jo Maff