High School


Biology AP AP Physics 1 
AP Physics 2
Biology Honors  AP Physics C Independent Study
Keystone Biology Remediation  AP Physics C-Mechanics 
Chemistry AP
Academic Physics 
Chemistry  Physics Honors
Organic Chemistry  Project-Based Physics 
Environmental Science 
Science of the Earth
Science of the Universe
Introduction to the Physical Sciences
Anatomy and Physiology - Muscles, Messengers, and More
Anatomy and Physiology - Senses and The Internal Viscera

English-Grade 9 American Cultures 2
English-Grade 10  World Cultures/World Cultures Honors
English-Grade 11
Civics and Government
English-Grade 12  Contemporary Global Studies
AP Language and Composition  Economics
AP Literature and Composition
Practical English 12  Psychology AP
Developmental Reading 9-2  Sociology
Developmental Reading 9-5  US History AP
Developmental Reading 10  World History Advanced 
Creative Writing

Intro To Theatre 
Theatre II  
Public Speaking 
Spanish I   AP Calculus AB 
Spanish II   AP Statistics 
Spanish II Honors   Algebra 1 
Spanish III
Algebra 2 
Spanish III Honors  Algebra 2 Honors 
Advanced Spanish Honors
Algebra 3 
Spanish AP
Pre-Calculus Honors 
French I  Calculus Honors 
French II  Geometry 
French III
Geometry Honors 
French IV
Geometry Analytical 
  Geometric Applications and Constructions
TECH ED Trigonometry 
Civil Engineering  Probability and Statistics  
Electricity and Electronics   Consumer Math 
Home Repair and Maintenance   Developmental Math 
Principles of Engineering   
Acoustic Guitar
Art 1 
Beginner Piano
Art 2 
Concert Choir  Art 3  
Music Appreciation
Art 4
Music Theory   
American Foods
Accounting 1
Basic Foods  Accounting 2  
International Foods  Accounting 3 
Interior Design  Introduction to Business 
Fashion, Fabrics, and Construction  Business and Personal Law 
Independent Living  Business in Action 
Childcare and Development   Careers and Basic Money Management 
  Google Apps 
  Introduction to Computers
  Introduction to Computer Programming 
Health and Wellness Grade 9 Keyboarding
  Introduction to Marketing
  Multimedia Broadcasting
  Multimedia Editing
  Personal Finance
  Personal Law
  Small Business & Corporate Law