Placement of a Child who is Eligible for Special Education Services

When a student is identified as needing special education, placement is based on the following criteria: educational needs, location of program, other students with similar needs and age-appropriate grouping.
The Wilson Area School District operates programs for students with learning disabilities and students with mental retardation whose primary needs are academic and who can benefit and progress in a Learning Support classroom. The District also operates full-time emotional support classes at all levels. Speech and Language needs are addressed within the district also. All other exceptionalities (eligibility areas) are addressed by contracting services with Intermediate Unit 20, utilizing approved private schools when appropriate, and contracting with another public school district on a tuition payment basis.

Wilson Area School District contracts the following services with Intermediate Unit 20:

Life Skills Classes
Multi-Handicapped Classes
Emotional Support Classes (partial hospitalization)
The progress of all students in approved private schools, Intermediate Unit programs, and other school districts is reviewed by district personnel on an annual basis.