2022 - 2023 PAY SCHEDULE
2023 - 2024 Pay Schedule

 Accident Procedures
If you are injured on the job, please follow the following procedures to ensure that your claim will be processed accurately and efficiently.

1.Advise the Secretary to the Business Manager that you have been injured and if possible, stop at administration to complete necessary paperwork prior to getting treatment. 

2. You must seek medical treatment for your claimed injury with one of the providers listed on your POSTED PANEL for ninety (90) days from the date of your first visit. If your injury is life-threatening or critical, you will be transported to the nearest hospital facility. DO NOT GIVE THE MEDICAL PROVIDER YOUR REGULAR INSURANCE CARD INFORMATION. ADVISE THEM THAT THIS IS A WORKER'S COMPENSATION CLAIM.

3.Please use the Pharmacy Sheet to fill your prescription at your local Walgreen's, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart or Eckerd. The Jordan Reses Company, our pharmacy management company, will send you a personalized pharmacy card for future prescriptions.

4.Please notify your Claims Representative at SDIC and your Workers' Compensation Coordinator immediately when you receive a return to work date.